Life Lessons

In the early morning fog, my son found a Top Knot Pigeon caught in the chook run.  He very carefully captured it, noting that its wings were wet from having overnighted out in the open.  He held that bird and brought it out of the chook run, placing it very gently on some open ground not far away, and he watched it flutter its wings and take off.  Three seconds later, Milo Monster Dog leapt into the sky, grabbed that bird in his mouth and ran away with it, flapping it around his gormless thick skulled head. “I just hope it was quick,” said my world weary boy. Bless.

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Ow, ow, ow… I seem to recall my partner telling me about some animal, nurtured by eco-professionals, being released back into the sea, only to be gobbled by something large and finned before the cheering crowd had turned their backs. You can tell your son he’s not alone!

  2. ;D I wonder if that made it into the news? It’s not funny in reality, I know, but in my head cartoon style it is. I can just see all the eco-professional faces. ‘Just devo!’ as my son says…translation ‘devastated’!

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