Bad Mother Story #94 plus recipe

Guess what we are eating for dinner?  The children, Stepford husband and I are eating the remains of a Cob Loaf Dip…and to justify this bad mother behaviour, it is spinach, and my youngest just told me it’s the tastiest thing she’s ever had. Cute little brown-noser. See, I banished the kids and the husband from the house at 2.30, so I could host my Book Club.  It’s a great book club: we eat nice snacky things and chocolate, we drink wine and we discuss the book for almost 15 minutes.  Then it is just down to the nice snacky things, the chocolate and the wine and amusing stories and scandalous behaviour for the next 3 – 4 hours. I mean, amusing stories ABOUT scandalous behaviour.  Sure, I do.

I arranged a nice cheese platter, with some Quince Paste I made at work, crackers, sliced plums, Maltesers, Light & Dreamy dark chocolate oh, light & dreamy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways and a good old Spinach Cob Loaf Dip.  A good eclectic offering that covers quite a few of the food groups, but mostly dairy, which we should all eat more of being women over 35, pass me the rest of that Light & Dreamy, please kids, Mama needs her calcium. It is incredibly hot here today (foretold in blog) so book club was in much more of a mood for drinking.  And we did this until husband and kids returned, whereupon book club left ( the book was Atonement, BTW, enjoyed by all present, once you got past the crucial beginning bit and into the first conflict) at 6.30pm.  Dinnertime.  Bugger.  I saw my book club off and returned to find that all the Maltesers and Light & Dreamy was gone, and told them they could just finish off the rest of the food for their dinner.  What?  It’s not that bad.

Cob Loaf Spinach Dip

1 x 250g carton frozen spinach, defrosted and squeezed dry
1 x 300g packet spring vegetable soup mix
1 x 250g carton sour cream
1 x 300g tub of ricotta
1 cob loaf

Mix all ingrediants together, except for bread obviously, and chill in fridge for at least an hour, preferably 2.  Just before serving, cut a hole in the centre of your cob loaf, pull out this ‘lid’, strip the bread bits from the underside of it and then pull out bits of bread to create a hollow in the loaf.  Put these bread bits to one side for using as dippers.  Pour dip into the bowl you made in the bread and plug hole with bread ‘lid’. Serve.

Now, the book club did a pretty good job with the cob loaf, but there is easily enough left for the kids, especially as none of them will own up to who ate the chocolates, and I suspect they all did.

I love a good cob loaf dip, they never fail to impress me and there is something so kitschy about them.  They’re perfect for the Australian climate because you get a little built in lid to keep out the flies – until someone eats it.  Usually a man who doesn’t understand the finer details of an edible container.  I’ve heard you can have hot ones too, and I’d love to hear of one for Winter book club, so do let me know.  I mean hot cob loaf dips, of course, not hot men.


* 24th April 2008 Update:  You know how you can have almost all the information at your fingertips, and then discover that you actually have all the information if you just make a phone call to your sister in Canberra, who had ALL the information all along?  It turns out my sister makes this exact same Spinach Cob Loaf Dip..BUT she wraps it in foil and sticks it in a moderate oven for half an hour.  It could be put in at your lowest oven temp for 2 hours just for something different.  Can you believe that?  She held out on me for ten years.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve always been so late to our family events that her hot spinach dip is cold by the time I get there?

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