Trout Princess

My dad spoils me. Not with money or cuddles or cars or the sorts of things other fathers spoil their daughters with.  My dad spoils me with smoked trout. I am a very lucky girl, and a much loved one going by all the trout we get. Smoking things is Dads perfectly legal hobby as is Bonsai, and yes, I get many trees that started out as bonsai hopefuls but ended up the wrong shape. Think Australian Idol, for plants. I get all the little ones that tried so hard but couldn’t lose the straightness inherently part of who they are. These trees are spread out over various parts of Canberra and are now working their way to (hopefully) giantism in Murrumbateman. 
But back to the trout.  Dad has a tendency to overdo things: Easter eggs for the kids, salt on the pork crackling, chili in curry and making smoked trout.  You would think you can’t have too much smoked trout.  You’d be wrong.  Christmas and Easter sees Dad go into over-smoke-drive, which is probably a good thing because these frequent special occasions taught him to go easy on the smokey, as people left a wide berth around his early version smoked trout on the buffet because it smelt and tasted like a gum tree branch post-bushfire.  He didn’t take it personally, but he dialled down the smoking treatment. Eventually. After a quiet word.  Now, he has the smoked trout thing spot on.  Unfortunately the kids and the Stepford husband are a bit wary after eating the early versions, and I hide alot of the smoked trout in the freezer until everyone has forgotten about them and I can slip them into something, like the pasta I’m doing this evening. 
The oven is on the blink, and I’m having to think laterally until the local handyguy can coordinate with my timetable – he’ll probably just reset the clock or something, but for now it is pasta with fresh, warm from the sun tomatoes, ripped basil (also from the garden), a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic and flaked smoked trout.  I may tell the kids and SH, that it’s smoked chicken.  See, I truly am a bad, wicked mother! Heeeheeehee!

2 thoughts on “Trout Princess

  1. I’d come and eat your pasta it sounds delicious. Much better than the trash I have been serving up.I have no inspirtaion what so ever, cooking is a necessary evil as far as I am concerned, especailly when i have a husband who does it so much better than me but I am afforded the time that he doesn’t have Nice to have some sort of contact Alyson (Annette ex Carron St)

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