Cast of Characters: Meet Milo


This is Milo, aka Milo Monster Dog, The Monster Dog, That Frickin’ Dog.  This is his King George face.

He is Irish Wolfhound x something – as far as we know, and he is only about 9 months – as far as we know.


 He thinks everyone in the world loves him, as reciprocally, he loves everyone and everything in the WORLD!

He isn’t very bright.  At all. 


He…uhhh, Kids get some paper towel for me, quick!

Sorry.  Our neighbours, on all sides, dine out on the stories of the ‘Jack Russell’ that we brought home.  The one with the long legs and dinnerplate feet!  Tricky thing is, he thinks he is as small as a Jack Russell – and there are ponies around here smaller than he is.


He is a complete clown ALL THE TIME, and super destructive just walking from the lounge room to the kitchen…KIDS…THE PAPER TOWEL….NOW PLEASE!

If he isn’t drooling down the side of the lounge…he has something caught in his beard.


All of which he is happy to share with you, anytime.

6 thoughts on “Cast of Characters: Meet Milo

  1. Milo is a way cool dog!. His face has “mischief” written all over it. All us dogs love mischief, just some of us don’t project it like Milo. Hilarious!

  2. That worries me a little bit, Checkers, because we are only used to dogs of smaller stature, like yourself. It’s a whole different ballgame dealing with a dog who can help himself from the kitchen table, just by standing next to it! Any tips will be always welcomed! Cheers!

  3. did you ever find out what milo’s other half is? i have a mutt, she’s 9 months and looks just like him!! half irish wolfhound, half something??


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