The Great Escape


There is never a good time for chickens to escape.  They either do it when you have visitors who are phobic about birds, in the middle of the night, or on the first decent day of rain in months.


For all I know chooks miss the rain too.


Even if it does ruin their stylish ‘do’.


 And they’ll take their own sweet time getting back in, by THEMSELVES thank you very much!

dogs.jpg  No matter who is busting to get out and catch help them.

3 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Milo is very tall! Since I commented last time, I have been thinking of tips you requested to keep Milo out of trouble. Maybe you could tack an extra set of legs to all your tables to get things up and out of the way, but that may not be enough. Cut the legs off your tables and use ladders for legs instead. Nope, Milo would climb the steps…darn! I guess there’s no hope.

    Your Jack Russell looks like Milo’s Mini-Me.

    I really like your chickens. Do you do their hairdos every day?

  2. We’d be better off if we could train Milo to walk on his knees, but he only really got a handle on SIT.

    My husband brought Milo home because he thought he was a Jack Russell, he looked identical to our JR Jemma…who, as you point out Checkers, is now the mini-me for Milo with her markings. Hard to believe it was the other way around briefly!

    Funnily enough, all you dogs love our chickens :)! I am not allowed to do the hairstyles of Man or Beast (see Bad Mother Story #93) but I will have to find a picture to post of the chooks hairdo’s…they are natural works of art!

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