Cast of characters: Winston

win.jpgMeet Winston, better known as Winnie.  Considering he was scraped out of the gutters of Braddon, ACT when he was a scrawny undernourished kitten, he has done pretty well for himself.  This is his Blue Steel look.


In Winston’s world there are only two ‘people’…me and him.  Everyone else is a bit player who feeds him, pats him and opens the door for him at 2am.  I, however, am Mama – and he can nearly say it.  You can imagine how well this goes down with Stepford Husband.  Think Lead Balloon.  This is his Le Tigre look


He is no longer a young cat, but he has claws to tell you what an attractive and distinguished looking cat he is.
This is his Magnum look.


Here he is actually sleeping.

‘Shut up, you silly Bit Players.  Go and find me some food for when I awaken or I shall sharpen my claws on your ankles.’

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