Earth Hour

On the eastern coast of Australia, Earth Hour has come and gone.  Sadly, the glow of the city on the horizon didn’t dim at all, but SH reckons I’m a little naive to expect it would ‘They can’t turn off the streetlights after all,’ he said.  I was disappointed to see our neighbours lights on, and felt let down when our automatic sensor lights came on.  I made SH turn the lights off at the powerboard to combat this, probably giving him more cause to wonder about the hysterical woman he married.

On the brighter side (haha) our house twinkled with candles, hummed with Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald and I sat outside with a beer marginally colder than the crisp autumn night and watched the stars appear in their millions.  I called the kids out and we counted 4 shooting stars and 2 distant satellites, and enjoyed the sheet lightning on the horizon to the east.  My middle boy said it felt like Christmas Eve, which was interesting given I do tend to put Billie on and settle down with a Baileys on Christmas Eve AFTER the kids are all in bed, asleep.  My youngest had her head tilted so far back looking at all the stars that I thought she would backflip.  And then she said ‘It’s like we are in a giant snowglobe.’
Out of the mouths of babes.

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