Cast of Characters: Gemma Jack Russell

dogs2.jpgGemma Jack Russell is so opposite to Milo (Irish Wolfhound) Monster Dog. 

She is a clock to his doorstop.

She is a computer to his photo frame.

She is a magazine to his blackboard.


She sits at my feet as I eat toast and coughs like a polite person being ignored in a conversation.  Even with shoes on, I can FEEL the short force of her breath as she coughs on my ankles.  If I look straight into her eyes as I eat my toast – she narrows them and I swear she is trying to hypnotise me “Give the nice dog the toast.  You WANT to give the nice dog the toast!”

dogs.jpg  See?  You can see her thinking, right there! 

And you BETTER not say B-A-L-L out loud!

Yeah, she loves us, but if she had opposable thumbs, dammit…!!!

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