Bad Housewife

Not only am I a bad mother, I’m also a bad housewife.  I don’t enjoy cleaning.  I like gardening.  Unfortunately this leads to more cleaning because I traipse in and out, like, a billion times a day when I am home.  I have a girlfriend who loves cleaning.  She’s always surprised when she looks up at the clock mid-cleaning to find that hours have gone by.  I, on the other hand, am in tears when I look up and realise that 15 minutes have gone by and I’ve only mopped three terracotta tiles.

This same friend came over once and told me she was buying me a book and she was really excited, she couldn’t wait to give it to me. 

 ‘What book is it?’ I asked. 

‘It’s called Speedcleaning,’ she said enthusiastically.

‘Oh YEAH!  Great book, I have it already!’ I said. 

‘Really?’ My friend looked around my family room with a strange expression.  ‘Have you read it?’ she said.

I didn’t take offense much.  She’s a good friend.  She helps me chuck and clear on occasion.  And I deadhead her roses.  Even when she doesn’t need me to.

4 thoughts on “Bad Housewife

  1. “Have you read it?” Wow. My owner hates housecleaning. His wife loves it because she can make him feel guilty by doing it. Marriage is weird. People are very funny. Dogs take it all in stride.

  2. I don’t love it and my husband is much better at it than me, but he doesn’t do it in case it turns into his job. You’re right. Marriage is weird. The book is good though, it gives me hope!!

  3. HA HAH HAH…This is soooooo something that would happen to me. I have yet to read my copy too!!! My distracting force is my camera… love me, love my mess!
    Bush Babe

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