Confessions you never wanted to hear..but I’m going to tell you anyway

Last night I went out with a bunch of school mums.  We used to be a small round table of women, noisy in the way that a bunch of hens are when released into the freedom of the garden.  Now we are an enormous bunch of people that you SO don’t want to be seated next to, if you are out with your family.  Yeah, you’ve probably heard us before.  But we only get out and together about 4 times a year, so forgive us, please. 

What we wear is kind of a big deal because we only ever see each other in school pick up daggies or workwear – and these women never see me anymore because I moved 30 kilometres away, and my kids catch the bus.  But when they used to see me, I worked in the canteen at the school and usually had my hair up in a ponytail, a mayonnaise and margarine smeared polo and jeans with a damp spot in the the front.  From the washing up.  So I like being able to show them the side of me that has her hair down, and clean, decent clothes on that show I am female at the very least.

I wore a skirt that is the perfect length to just cover baggy and scarred knees (the perfect length BTW for almost every female shape there is) and long boots.  And here’s the rub.  I only shaved the woodlands that is my hogs bristle hairy legs for the four inches that were going to be exposed between the hemline and the top of my boots.  In the light of the morning after, I do look for all the world as though I have light mohair socks on, pulled up to my neat tanned SMOOTH knees.  I am fairly sure that this goes to prove, once and for all, I am not a card carrying Girl.  I am a fraud. 

I like Winter when you can wear jeans all the time.  And not shave your legs.  I love long boots that keep you snuggly and mean that you do not have to shave your legs…well not much of them anyway.  Unfortunately coming from such a wonderful mixed heritage means that I have thick dark hair on my legs that any man would be proud of, and I know they look great when they are shaved because I’m fortunate to also have olive skin that tans as I walk to the letterbox.  It’s your classic mixed blessing.  If I was an actual, real girl…these leg would be tanned and shaved all the time.  If I was a REAL actual girl, they would probably be waxed.  But I’m not.  Thank God! 

I feel SO much better now.

One thought on “Confessions you never wanted to hear..but I’m going to tell you anyway

  1. Congrats… am pretty sure you are just like the rest of us… only a bit more honest! I too am an olive person who thinks they can get away with defuzzing only in the full glare of summer. I love dress pants – they cover a few million sins. And require no waxing at all. Dear me, it’s confession time all round!

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