Why I love living on acreage.

1. Because this view is probably not far away.

2. You can meet your neighbour and have a chat over the fence, without HAVING to chat with your neighbour over the fence just because it’s 3 feet from your clothesline.

3. You can seriously stargaze while dinner cooks, and see every constellation, satellite and shooting star in the Southern Hemisphere with a glass of wine in your hand (see No.1) – no street lights mean no light haze and the night sky is deep and amazing with no lights to drain it.

4. The neighbours keep an eye on you, but they can’t WATCH you.  (Although anyone driving to the Murrumbateman Tip between 7 and 8.30am is likely to see me in my pink flannel pj’s, wearing hubby’s gumboots, while I feed the horse and I don’t care anymore if you toot the horn).

5. When your boys fight, you can chuck one out the front door and one out the back door, and tell them to keep going until they reach a fence.

6. You can bring a Jack Russell puppy home and it can turn into an Irish Wolfhound and still live with you.

7. On acreage, nobody can hear you sing.  (Particularly Jeff Buckley’s ‘So Real’ at the top of your lungs.)

8. It is quiet, until you learn to hear the birds, and the lambs, and the cows, and the horses and me singing Jeff Buckley as I collect horse pooh for my garden.

9. There is no end to the gardening you can do always something to do…you will never get bored on acreage.  Drop into your local winery, join the ponyclub, fix a fence, sit under a tree with a book, plant 10 trees that will grow 50 metres tall.  Use your imagination.

10. This can become an everyday occurance…



(Hey Trish, this one’s for you!)







10 thoughts on “Why I love living on acreage.

  1. THANK YOU!!

    I needed that 😉 Some days I can’t wait to get out there, other days I want to stay in the city. This is not something you can afford to be indecisive or impetuous about. You have to be SURE. The list of pros and cons continues to grow. Your post, and that photo of the horse on the verandah, will help top up the PROS column. Cheers!

  2. Trish, you DO have to be sure, because even if it is your life long dream, you will have doubts when you’ve uprooted the entire family, and one day they want to take a bad move out on you by saying ‘Why did we have to move?’…but you know what? We use the city more than we did before, and we universally love the benefits of being out here. The kids already have that laidback ‘It’s all good,’ attitude to life, compared to their highstrung city selves. I have more sleepovers with friends and family than when I was a teenager. And it smells nice out here. Come visit!

    And Checkers…what is a porch WITHOUT a horse, I ask you? 😀


  3. Actually, lately it’s been a bit more like:
    Keep the horse out of the house! He’s very keen on knowing what we do in there and why we would rather be inside than out reading books to him!

  4. I love living on acreage because I can work up a sweat pruning the olive grove, and then walk to the river and fall in to cool off – without ever really leaving home.

  5. What a nice tribute to living on acreage… George & I are big fans too and couldn’t have said it any better.

    Bless you.

    Cheers, (from Jimboomba, Qld)

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