Bad Mother story #97

We pulled an old VHS video machine (duh! – if you are over 25) out and plugged it in to watch some old video tapes discovered in the hall cupboard (it’s like another dimension in there!) over the school holidays.  Our youngest who is 7 and has never known a video player in the house before, enjoyed ‘Scooby Doo 2’ and got up early this morning to watch it again, as is her wont: thirty viewings from now, she’ll say it’s sooo boring and she never really liked it – she has a marvellous career ahead of her as a movie critic.  But, being the independent creature she is, she stuck the movie in and pressed the button….and it wouldn’t work.

Daughter: ‘It’s not working.’

Dad: ‘You probably have to rewind it.’

Daughter (with the face scrunched): ‘I have to WHAT???’

Dad: ‘You have to wind it back.’

Daughter: ‘Why?’

Dad: ‘Because it’s at the end of the tape.’

Daughter (getting upset): ‘I don’t know what you’re SAYING.’

Dad: ‘Look…see there’s tape inside there…that’s what you’re watching..and when it gets to this side you have to wind it back, if you want to watch it again.  So you put it in the machine and press this button that says REWIND and you wind it back until you hear a click.’

Daughter: ‘Has it clicked yet?’

Dad: ‘No, you’ll hear it.’

Daughter: ‘Has it clicked now?’

Dad: ‘No, Honey, you’ll hear it.’

Daughter: ‘Has it clicked now?’

Dad (patient as always); ‘Sweetie, you’re going to have to wait for a little while for it to wind back.’

Daughter: ‘But it’s taking so looooooong.’

Video player: “CLICK”

Daughter: ‘Dad…I think it clicked!’

Me (Bad mother): ‘Nah…that wasn’t it.  Go and empty the cutlery tray in the dishwasher.  By the time you’ve done that it’ll be ready.’


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