Today I planted the daffodil bulbs that have been sitting in the vegie crisper trying to trick me, in my desperate school-holiday-mum state, that they are indeed food.  So in our Aussie spring, which is September, October, November I shall hopefully see:

first the mid flowering ‘Quail’: perfumed; 2 -3 rich golden blooms per stem; long narrow crown with slightly flared mouth; flat overlapped petals.


late flowering ‘Geranium’: A showy bunch of up to six large, sweet scented blooms with round white petals and vivid red orange cups.


‘White Cheerfulness’: Sweet smelling old worlde, double tazetta (what the…?).  Each stem has several, small, double creamy-white florets, each slightly shaded primrose.

And also:

‘Manly’ Fragrant immense bloom; layers of creamy yellow petals are highlighted with bright apricot inner segments.

All from the lovely Daffodil lady.

These will be the only things flowering in my garden at that time, and I’m hoping that my shocking short term memory will serve me well and that I will be genuinely surprised at the sight of them, just as I am at the other bulbs that I’ve forgotten I’ve planted over the last two years we’ve lived here.  It happens.  I am THAT bad.


One thought on “Daffies

  1. “Bad”? Einstein couldn’t remember to wear his galoshes in the rain. You need to get one of your children to paint a sign for you: “The highly-specialized genius is IN”, or something to that effect.

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