7 thoughts on “The World ‘cording to Milo

  1. So I sez to Jack’s mum, she’s over for tea, I sez to her, you gotta see Alyson’s Jack Russell puppy, and there he is with Gemma on the front page, how easy is that?
    In that first shot, he looks like a Jim Henson creation.

  2. Goodbear: It is a wondeful nose but unfortunately very rude. It is just at the right height to fit into the ears of small children and not at all funny (until later) to see visitors jump when he comes up behind them and says ‘Hellooo!’

    Checkers: Not sure how you would go on a trampoline with your fabulous long body, coordinating the movement with both ends. But they are the best for snoozin’ on for man or dog – you gotta try it!

    Lavenderbay: He DOES look like a muppet, in fact, quite a specific muppet…the one that was always lying next to an old guy rocking on a porch. It’s that look that gets him out of trouble time and again. Thanks for showing Milo to your mates, if only he could understand how much laughter he brings to the world, he’d drool for joy in that widemouth dog way of his!

  3. You should get one of those small round trampolines that humans buy to collect dust on, in their lounge rooms. That would fit in your crate probably, right?

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