Wanted: one lazy day

Because the weather is glorious autumn here, with beautiful high blue skies and cool breezes, it is too NICE to be inside.

And on our 5 acres, while it is nice outside, there is too much to be done to be indoors.  And in my new job, helping to set up a new restaurant, there is far too much to do, to sit down at all, unless it is on the loo.  And let’s not go there. 

The point is I could not sit inside without feeling intolerably guilty.  But if it were my day off (like today) and the kids were at school (like today) and it was cold and wet and miserable outside (although we don’t call wet weather ‘miserable’ here, because we’re in drought and need lovely wet weather more than clean knickers)…then…Then I could sit inside like this:

….and I would too!


Thanks lolcats for all the laughs.  I so need them at the mo’!

3 thoughts on “Wanted: one lazy day

  1. What are the big sage-coloured trees in the background? That looks like a nice bird-friendly woods.

    I saw that kitty pic years ago as part of a photo essay entitled, “Why Cats Attack Their Owners”.

  2. The tallest trees are very old eucalypts specific to the region and the smaller ones are acacias – Black Wattle is their common name I think. The live and live and live and then suddenly drop dead quite randomly, but they attract the birds like nobodies business and possibly moreso when they are dead. It is a bird sanctuary, clever Lavenderbay, and I should dig up an old post from my original blog about the creatures that come out of it

    As for the kitty pic – that picture is my happy place. I laugh whenever I think of it. Who knew there were nerd cats?

  3. Thanks for the information! And yes, I’d love to hear about this woods’s denizens.
    I thought the taller trees looked the colour of the eucalyptus sprays we can buy in the florists’ shops, but of course how many Australian trees can I name? The koala-bearing eucalyptus and the kookaburra-bearing gum. So it really wouldn’t have been all that astute of me to ask if they were eucalyptus or not.
    I think the oldest tree in Paris is some type of acacia. Maybe it will be one of my “post card entries” a few weeks from now.

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