What’s he saying?

Wait for it – here is my first contest. With an actual prize!  Intrigued? Hopefully. Read on.


The kids saw the blog entry with the photo montage of Milo’s day.  The boys laughed, but my daughter saw the photo of Milo teasing the horse and said, most emphatically, ‘That’s not what he’s saying’….

What is Milo saying to Robert the Horse, I ask you?

Technically, seeing as the prize is a copy of Chooks in the City, I suppose I should be having you caption one of  the chooks.

Alrighty.  One free copy of Chooks in the City delivered to your door if you win for captioning Milo and Robert, and one free copy for winning the captioning of Mama up there. To be judged by the Hills and their extended family.  Judges decisions are final and probably can’t be swayed with dark chocolate.  Probably not.  You have until Friday 5pm EST (i.e. my time in Australia).

If you’d like to know more about this so-called prize please click to the Al’s Writing page.  And if you want to see me looking really nervous in my half tidied house, see the YouTube clip in About Me.  Laugh if you like.  Everyone else did. Have a nice day.


8 thoughts on “What’s he saying?

  1. While I can’t win the book (or can I?) I think Milo is saying to Robert “Okay, you may be bigger but I bet you can’t do this!”

  2. No, Stepford Husband, you can’t win a book. Please go back to the kitchen and finish cooking the hotdogs before the children gnaw their arms off.

  3. “Hey, Robert, wanna join me in a little downward dog?”

    And the chook?


    “Oomph…Whoever coined the phrase ‘light as a feather’ has obviously never spent any time underneath a mother hen.”

  4. A caption contest! Yippee!

    Not sure about the Milo one yet.

    For the chooks:

    “Yes, you ARE grounded! Fox imitations — what were you thinking?”

  5. The first one:

    Why can’t I go for a ride. Pleeeeease…look I can beg.

    The chook one:

    Aaaargh…too much left over lasagne mama.

  6. You guys are clever, very clever! The kids keep asking me why I’m making noises through my mose and I tell them they’ll have to wait and see 😉

  7. Jack’s suggestions:

    Picture 1: No need to get in a huff, all I said was I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!

    Picture 2: No Mom, you don’t look fat in that!

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