It’s just a jump to the left..

Did I mention that I was going away for a kid, partner, dog, cat, horse, chicken free weekend?  I hit the town, Man.  Vietnamese in Canberra City, Friday night (Pho, people, – there is nothing like it…unless you’re vegetarian of course), and Sydney for Rocky Horror Show on Saturday night.  With lots of girls.  I mean, women – sorry girls…I mean….bugger it.  It was so much fun.  I was Janet (for those who know Rocky Horror)…but the Susan Sarandon ‘Janet’ and nothing like the very cute, bobbed, fairy floss haired barbie girl who played Janet on Saturday night (and was brilliant).  In fact, as brilliant as she was, I suspect she had never seen Rocky Horror once, let alone 874 times, when she was a teenager.  And it was lucky I was kid/partner free because I Timewarped my little heart out.  They would have been so embarrassed.  Not the dogs though – Gemma is so Magenta it’s not funny.  And Milo does the Timewarp every time he gets near a pile of horse poo.  Or when he gets the leather lounge to himself. Upside down, on his back. 

Anyway, it was fun fun fun.

But as always – after the bright lights and the millions of people; the heart racing traffic, and the delicious food; the surprise shopping, and the toe breaking walking, the sights, the sounds, the smells – after all the excitement and the alcohol…

 It was nice to get home. 

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