Snoozy Sunday

Gem and Milo snoozin\'

It’s that kind of day.  Where, for the sake of a companionable snooze, – you will scrunch your enormous body up into the tiniest of chairs, so your pal can fit in too.

Gem and Kayf snoozin\' Until you inadvertently stretch and knock your pal off the chair, and then she goes snoozin’ in front of the fire, with the CAT for Pete’s sake!



7 thoughts on “Snoozy Sunday

  1. Oh, goody, a fresh picture! I was telling Shelley (Cai and Fergus’s breeder) and her daughter about Milo yesterday. I’ll let them know he’s on the latest post again.

  2. I know! The rest of the Hills left me on my sickbed and went camping. With the camera! And unfortunately the other photos that I downloaded of Milo were taken by Middle Child and are somewhat unfortunate and mischievious. At the moment he is in trouble for stirring up the horse when I was trying to feed him, and he is in time out on the chain outside – howling like the Hound of the Baskerville. He’s so sad, it’s funny. Aren’t I mean?

  3. That’s exactly how I read it! LOL!!! E.g. is pretty good at using too many indeterminate nouns too, although not always with such hilarious results.

  4. I always wonder why I manage to get myself into so much trouble…obviously my brain goes faster than my writing 😉 that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! (No Stepford Husband it is NOT because I have a short attention span and a head full of mucus)

  5. Welcome Elysian!
    Sorry, you are right…what you might not know loking at the pictures is the furry critter at the back of the chair in the first photo is a dog the siaze of a small pony – unfortunately he thinks he is the size of a kitten. 🙂

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