Bettie and Me

You know, you never stop learning.  Yesterday I learnt that there is a time and a place for humor.  And I have the fringe (otherwise known as bangs, I believe) to prove it. 

If you see my picture in my About Me page, you will see me looking pensive and windswept (a photo my sister keeps telling me to change because she says I look weird – it’s a family thing).  Since laying eyes on that photo I decided it was time for a fringe to cover up the worry lines and the cranky wrinkle I get above my eyebrows.  I’ve had a fringe since then, but I’m a very lazy hair owner and sometimes my fringe grows down so far that I have to pin it back to see.  I usually do this until my sister (she’s such a nag!) asks me what the point is in having a fringe if it isn’t doing its thing?  Yesterday was such a day, so I did my usual thing whipped into a random hairdresser (lazy hair owner style) and asked if she could fit me in for a fringe trim.  No problem she said.  I sat, she cut, and with my fringe level with the bottom of my eyebrows she asked me ‘How’s that?’ and I said ‘Could you go a tiny bit shorter?’ before adding the throwaway line ‘I’ve always wanted to be Bettie Page!’

I know now, there are places in your life when humor is going to be misunderstood.  I was surprised that she didn’t say ‘Really?  Are you sure?’ – particularly as it is clear to me now that she knew exactly what I meant by Bettie Page.  My fringe is now 1.5 inches at its most stretched point, and it curves gently, both ways from a centre point, just like the top part of a heart.  Just like Bettie Page’s.  That’ll teach me.

Bettie PageOh, and BTW, if only I looked like Bettie Page in any other regard!

2 thoughts on “Bettie and Me

  1. Neither is my husband, James, and yet I do this to him – show up like a kid with a ‘first day of school’ haircut and he says:
    ‘It really highlights your eyes’….Bless.

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