Cold chooks and bird brained!

Wet Hen

Bloody chooks hadn’t given me an egg in over a month.  9 hens, different breeds and ages and not one egg?  Outrageous!  It had never happened for such a consistently long period before.  For me (a person who has written a book on chicken keeping), this is on a par with the guy who writes dog training manuals and has neighbours who ring and complain that his dogs bark non-stop once he has left home.  But as my friend reassures me, it is more like the guy who installs airconditioning, and has five units in his house: all sitting in their boxes waiting to be installed.  Her husband is an airconditioning guy – could you tell?  Anyway.  I don’t know how long it took me to remember my own advice – probably once the mucus drained away…but in the midst of telling someone else what they could try to get their chooks laying in the cold weather, I remembered to remember (still with me?) to do it myself.  Pouring hot water from the boiled jug onto the chooks morning scraps, started the eggs again after a week.  Really.  This has worked for me for years.  And I had forgotten.  I can’t figure out if it is that I don’t learn quickly or that in order to fit stuff in my brain, I trade old things remembered for new things learned?  Australasian Poultry’s latest edition turned up in the mail, with an article I’d written featured on the cover – how cool!  I read it and thought how pleased I was, it was really pretty good and the advice was very sensible: all the stuff I wish someone had told me when we first got our urban chooks many years ago.  But, I’m buggered if I can remember writing it.

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