Reversal of chaos?

Woohoo!  We bit the bullet and bought a new oven to replace our broken one – now I’m going to have to find somewhere else to hide the chocolate biscuits.  I never thought I’d see a 12 year old, a 10 year old and a seven year old so excited about a kitchen appliance but apparently they’ve felt the loss of roasts, baked goods and proper macaroni and cheese as keenly as I.  So, I asked them this morning what they’d like for the inaugural oven run, for dinner tonight.  I was thinking baked chicken drumsticks, baked spuds, quiche.  They thought: homemade pizza.  I have a beautiful new oven.  But for the lack of having an oven, I no longer have yeast, tomato paste, melty mozzarella, pineapple or any of the toppings we enjoy on homemade pizza.  I have potatoes and eggs and no time to run into town for supplies before tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck on the eggy potato pizza, won’t you?  It’ll be on a lovely scone dough pizza base. Mmmm good?

5 thoughts on “Reversal of chaos?

  1. Hey lovely, that is especially exciting about the new oven, very jealous… I dream of my 6 burner, big oven underneath, free standing and keep the wall oven as a back up for party catering!

    Hope all the five hills are going well-bacon and egg pies are always a good subbie in the absence of pizza stuffs!

    xox Noodle

  2. If you mix up a little flour and sugar in water and set it out uncovered, in a bowl on the porch (above the reach of anyone’s paws) the wild yeast spores will land and grow, and you’ll have sourdough in no time. Well, three days. And while you’re waiting, you could try other fun pioneer activities a la Spongebob, like riding boulders.

  3. James, you sound much more excited than the looks from the kids were. Dubious is a word that springs to mind.

    Lavenderbay, that’s the least complicated sourdough I’ve ever heard – barring keeping the paws out of it…will give it a red hot go! As for the boulder, we’re doing that sleep thing again because I have a post coming out soonish that’s kind of just that way inclined 🙂

  4. And hey there Noodle NooNah! I know you! You have just outlined my kitchen plan for the future – you know, when the kidlings have grown up, left home, and then come back for visiting and roast dinners. I will expect you to advise me appropriately, of course.

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