Fun is a dirt-pile

When we came to see this property, we had four kids with us: our three and an extra.  Stepford Husband and I were quietly excited because we had seen this house on the internet real estate guide and loved it but it had been completely out of our reach.  However, it sat on the market for too long in the drought and the price had taken a big drop, so out we trekked to see it in the flesh … wood. 

An enormous mound of dirt had been heaped to the side of the place, where the two water tanks had been put in 10 years before, so while the Agent showed us through the house, the kids all played on the dirt heap.  Those kids never set foot in the house in the hour that we were there.  Stepford Husband and I meanwhile kept our poker faces on to hide our excitement as we walked through, commenting on the strong smell of cigarette smoke and the strange colored walls.  I didn’t let out a “YEEP” of joy at the view of snow covered mountains out the kitchen sink window, and I chewed my cheeks to stop smiling at the huge slow combustion fire.  I’m telling you we played it coooool.  Dude.

“What do you think?” asked the Agent.  Stepford Husband and I looked at each other and shrugged.  We were so perfectly in sync, so perfectly choreographed.  We were a team.  So, it was a shame the ruse was ruined when we stepped outside and our three kids and the extra, came running over screaming “THIS PLACE IS THE BEST!!  WE HAVE TO BUY IT.  IT HAS A DIRT PILE!!”  Ah yes, thanks kids.  

The dirt-pile is called Ayers Rock because it bears a similar shape to its namesake.  And it has provided our kids and visiting kids with hours of fun…

Ayres Rock SleddingFor those who wonder what kids do in the country? 
They play in the dirt.


Like sledding, Sam? And they love it.  Wear old clothes when you come to visit.  And bring extra clothes to change into later.

4 thoughts on “Fun is a dirt-pile

  1. What fun! And with a plastic toboggan, no less!
    Now what’s really fun — but only if the drought ever ends — is to take a bucket or two of water and pour it carefully from the top, and then slide down the mud on the seat of your jeans.
    I hope your kids don’t read your blog.

  2. Yep, our place is where old plastic sleds come to die, after they’ve been chucked by families who go and sled on actual snow! The kids would love to do a mudsled Lavenderbay, and you should see them run when there is a heavy frost!

    I would join in if I wasn’t a grown up…in actual fact I would join in if we had a sle I could fit on!!

    Hey Sam…don’t you look cool sledding?!

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