It’s a snoozy day for those who don’t have to go to work.


Winston is wisely having his cosy in a seperate room…

Kayfa cosy

Kayfa is in my room…

Gem cosy

Gemma is on my bed…

milo comfy 

and so is…..oh, for Heavens Sake!  Comfy Milo?  (Apologies to any non-boy dog owners out there.  It’s obscene, I know.)

Zzzzz Milo?  Milo?  Are you alive?


Milo snores 

Would you jump in my grave that quick?

gummy Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsnorfzzzzzz…..

Could you try not to drool on my side of the bed?


 You know what?

Enough with the snoozapalooza…I have to go to work and you guys have to go and guard the place.  Everybody OUT!  Don’t look at me like that, Milo.  I am not mean.

4 thoughts on “Snoozy

  1. That’s the words for the look exactly, James! He gives it to me often!

    You’re right Lavenderbay…despite my words above, I was smiling my head off as I snapped those pictures. Happy, happy!

  2. I love it when dogs sleep upside down. My family have two dogs that do that and one of them taught the other lol.

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