Mellow on

Here’s a song that makes me happy just to hear it.  Especially when I hear it on my Ipod Shuffle while I’m cooking Chorizo and Spinach Lasagna and drinking a beer called “Little Red Hen”.  This is my perfect Saturday night, so get your mellow on with me and enjoy. 

So, what song lightens your life?  Come on, inquiring minds want to know.  Well, I do, ‘cos I’m nosy. 
You knew that, right?


*Edit – SH is ruining my mellow by telling me this isn’t working on his ‘puter.  It’s always something.  It works perfectly on mine but I’m going to add another one just to see.  Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you.  I hate it when I’m all loved up by a song and then I can’t play it to share.

6 thoughts on “Mellow on

  1. Nice song! Who is the chap? Is he Australian? The background looks a bit droughty.

    Have you heard the song “Bubbly”, sung by Colbie Caillat (who’s younger than my son, gasp! ) ? I hear it on satellite radio at work at least once a shift. I think it’s a song you’d like, sweet and light (but not crude) and happy.

    I don’t know what I’d pick offhand, but it would be something from the 70s for sure!

  2. For some reason he reminds me of Rick Moranis! Is that weird?

    I’m not sure I could pick just one mellow song, but according to ( my favorite tracks that can be classified as mellow are “Damaged” by Plumb, Fiona Apple’s cover of “Across the Universe”, and “Pink Flamingos” by Saucy Monky. I would also add “White on Blonde” by Texas. Why remember your favorite songs when the computer can remember them for you? 😉

  3. I like this song and I hadn’t heard it before. Thanks for the recommendation. Mellow songs? Hmmm, I suppose Brian Kennedy from the CD On Song, Badly Drawn Boy although he isn’t all ways that ‘up’. Ray Charles singing Hard Hearted Hannah, Don’t Change on Me…actually anything by Ray Charles. Love Ray!

  4. The musician Matt Hales is British and was born in 1972..which automatically made me think ‘no wonder he looks like a baby,’..but then I realise that makes him 35: quite an appropriate age for writing such songs I suppose. I have heard Colbie’s “Bubbly” as it is being used as a theme song for a long hailed soap actress in Australia who has ‘grown up’ and given her farewells…you’re right, Lavenderbay very light and …err bubbly. :p

    He DOES look like Rick Moranis, more cute and less nerdy though… but that could be the whole musician thing. And what would we do without Youtube to remind us of our lost youths – with no judgment, whatsoever? 🙂

    I like Ray too, Livingisdetail, he fairly chuckles through so much of his music and I love that. My latest ‘find’ was Australian Gabriella Cilmi’s “Sweet About Me’ – then I discovered she is all of 16! She does a good cover of ‘Echo Beach’ too, considering she never danced to it at nightclubs in the 80’s/90’s! 😉

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