The bad housewife’s Easy cake

kitchen shelves

Sometimes you need a recipe to whip up because it’s nearly time for the kids to get home from school and you want to greet them with a warm vanilla scent and some good home cooking. 

Sometimes you need a recipe to whip up because your neighbour is going to pop over and not only is the housework not done, but you have nothing to offer her with coffee.  It’s not about being hospitable or feeding her sweet tooth but to distract her from the fingerprinted, dog nosed windows and the dust bunnies that look like they might attack her chiuahua.  This is such a recipe.

Easy Cake  (with thanks to wonderful neighbour Judy!)

2 eggs

cream (can absolutely be the questionable stuff in the back of the fridge as long as there aren’t any furry lumps growing in it.  Come on, it can’t be just me, can it? Fine.)
2/3 cup of sugar
1 cup self raising flour
dash of vanilla essence

Break eggs into a measuring jug and beat with a fork, add cream to this mix until liquid measures 1 cup and add the dash of vanilla.  Mix.  Put SR flour and sugar into a bowl and stir to combine.  Add the egg mixture and stir with a fork until combined.  Put into a greased loaf tin or prepared patty tins for cupcakes.  Cook in moderate oven 30 – 40 minutes for loaf, or 15 minutes for patty tins.  Ice as you like when cooled.  Or not.

Instead of icing the cake, I would use the time to fill the sink with suds and hide the dirty dishes in there, throw everything off the bench into a washing basket and wheel the chinese laundry into the children’s bedroom, now stick a denture tablet in the toilet (it works), a tablecloth on the sticky kitchen table and put some citrus peel on the fire.  But that’s just me.

11 thoughts on “The bad housewife’s Easy cake

  1. Ooh thanks for that! I will come back to this for next time hubby is due home.

    I’m having a bad housewife moment(hence my most recent post). Today it is chocolate fudge that is on the agenda! hehe.

  2. These are the best hints for an apologetically messy, always reforming housekeeper like myself. Love the denture tablet in the toilet trick. Lol, that is new to me.

  3. First the chihuahuavorous dust bunnies, then the cream discussion. This following your comment on pussy-who-sits-by-the-fire, and the Search Term Monday running joke. Tears are streaming, I’m howling with laughter after what was an incredibly crummy day (which I won’t post about for at least two weeks), and E.g. wants to know what’s so funny.
    “A recipe!”

  4. You see? I’m not alone! Bad housekeepers of the world, and vaccum avoiders of Australia, UNITE!!

    Thankyou,Lavenderbay, it seems my job here is done! And I wish I could hear you SAY the word ‘chihuahuavorous’..can’t you just picture those chihuahuavorous dust bunnies…they have vampire teeth and messy hair and they ‘vill get you eef you don’ look ouuutt!’

  5. The last time I got out the broom it was after watching Cuca the cat romping with a dustbunny playmate.
    I think for “chihuahuavorous” the primary stress should rightly be on the antepenult, with the secondary stress on the first syllable.

  6. I concur. Really, I don’t know what a antepenult is, but I’d like to take a guess and assume you mean what I think, and so I will just concur and try to sound like a writer should 😉

  7. You CAN edit your comments — or anyone else’s — on your own blog. Just look for the word “edit”; click, repair, voila! (Or does editing sound too much like housework? )

    And, honestly, I wasn’t being rude; I know this is a family blog.

  8. Meh… it’s kind of like selfpunishment…I edit and edit before I post ANYTHING…so if I still get it wrong, I just rub my own nose in it. Keeping it real?? Perhaps. Thanks for the tip – I’m going to look so sharp from now on. 🙂

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