7 thoughts on “Things my dog reminds me of

  1. I loved Labyrinth and SO wanted a Ludo, myself…be careful what you wish for: my Ludo shadows my every move so that I trip on him as I turn, and he tries to curl up in my lap like a tiny kitty. He is JUST like Ludo and would sound just the same if he could talk!

  2. I can see I’m falling behind on popular culture again. Will have to rent this one.
    I would rather have Milo, anyway: this Ludo fellow looks too human to want him in my lap.

  3. Lavenderbay, we’re showing our age (again)..it must be a 20 something year old movie now, but well worth a look as it features the Jim Henson crew and a gorgeously, devilishly camp David Bowie. You’ll love Ludo and know that if Milo could vocalise – he’d sound just the same! 🙂

  4. Oh, man! Twenty years! I knew I was getting out of touch when the folks at the nursing home started calling me “granny”.

  5. How did it go…”Dance Magic Dance”…I loved Labyrinth too and I am a David Bowie fan although I always thought his tights were somewhat graphic for a kiddies film. Your Ludo is a sweety.

  6. Hey, don’t worry, Lavenderbay, I’m using my Nana-trolley when I shop now – loud and proud!

    His tights were very tight for ‘G’ viewing that’s for sure 🙂 but wasn’t he well chosen for the Goblin King? For all his foibles, my Ludo IS a sweety, thanks Liv
    ingisdetail…but ask me if I feel the same way tomorrow when I find he has figured out how to get through the horse’s fence and I may say something very different!

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