Catch Up

There seems to be a pattern in my blog writing at the moment – one I hope to break.  It seems I get snowed under for three days at a time, and then spend 4 days rectifiying this.  Interestingly, the housework pattern is similar.  Luckily, the food cooking is not – it’s regular as clockwork, if not a little OTT.  So, if you can’t find new posts on my blog, come over and at least I’ll feed you.

Thankyou, Lavenderbay, I really needed that big, red puffy heart on the day you gave it!  You’re right about the mush: horse poo, chicken poo, hot mushy chicken scraps – did I mention the worm farm?  I’m right up to my elbows in mush!  And you may be surprised to find I have a bit of mush in my head too (see my last post).  That’s about as mushy as I get, without soppy movies and chocolate, but we’ll see.
She protesteth too much, methinks.

But, I’d like to shout out this BIG, RED, PUFFY HEART to those wonderful people who connect with me everyday, leaving comments or not.  Writers like being read, but a sidebenefit of this blog has been discovering like minded souls in unexpected places.  Many of you already have big, red, puffy hearts.  Keep up the good work: you inspire me.

6 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Well hey, you’re welcome for the BRPH, Alyson!
    Somehow the award looks a bit rude when abbreviated.
    Try it with vowels:
    Well hey, you’re welcome for the BIREPUHE, Alyson!
    Nope. No better.

  2. It DOES! When I looked at it I thought it was ‘BURP’ and had a teenage giggle to myself! But BIREPUHE could be a fart noise. Love it!

    Wait…is this one of those times that I should say it in my head and NOT say it out loud?

  3. Lol!!!

    Writing gives you that out (as it were!) , because the clacking of the computer keys doesn’t really count as vocal expression, so you can own or disown your remark as you please.

    Dang. Should’ve gone into law.

  4. Right then, I resemble my last comment and disassociate myself from it – someone spiked my wine.

    You should have gone into law. I’d hire you.

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