A day off?!

Today is my day off.  The only structure that exists to this day is that I have Power Yoga at 9.30 (in an hour) and that I don’t have my Ute (Utility vehicle) to drive around in as it has gone off with SH to get a service.  So, what to do, what to do?  Clearly, I am blogging now because, once again, I am several days behind.  Also, it’s a way of not doing the vaccuming, the dishwasher or a load of clothes…you know me.

I have promised Gillian some posts of my gorgeous old op-shop cookbook, but my Mum has absconded with it on her last visit here (which sounds like ‘the dog ate my homework,’ Gillian.  I’m so sorry.  I am normally, very reliable).  I have found an historical short story competition, which I have a short story for…but I need to knock off a couple of thousand words or so, and it is still in longhand…eeek.  I have rosebushes that need pruning, a horse that needs worming, black bananas that need baking and an experiment involving coffee grounds that needs trying and did I mention the housework?  Yeah, you’re right…that will still be there when I get back. 

It’s my day off.  I’d like to write.  I’d like to read in front of the fire.  I’d like to get some movies and snuggle in front of them…and then rewind to watch the bits that I missed when I nodded off.  I’d like to eat some chocolate and not gain a kilo, too.  I’d like an extra day off, to enjoy my day off.  I’d love to have the guts to try freelance instead and make it work.

I wonder what it feels like to be bored?

7 thoughts on “A day off?!

  1. What does it feel like to be bored? Maybe like one of the Bobs in your vermicomposter. (E.g. had a vermicomposter once; she named all the worms “Bob” so that whenever she saw one of them she would have its name right. )

  2. I can ask Dennis what it feels like to be bored. He was bored yesterday and tore a hole in a down comforter and the new cushion my aunt made to replace the old cushion on the chaise that he destroyed when he was newly rescued …

    Good luck on the story contest. Get trimming! 😉

  3. Now there’s good farm sense! I might call them all George…that can be unisex – or is it vermisex?

    Ah, yes…that’s the way of Abbey’s teddy and my pillow…yes, I take your point James! Thanks re the short story trim…I need all the luck I can get! BTW, when does a short story turn into a novel?

  4. Awww, your horse is stunning! Gorgeous and very much your baby by the looks of things.

    Good luck with the story competition.

  5. Thankyou, Livingisdetail, Robert is gorgeous and he is indeed very much my baby. I rarely ride him, but that doesn’t seem to be important to either one of us…we like to hang out together, like in this photo.

    Fingers crossed!

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