A Favour?

  My sister, Mother of the two littlest cuties in this photo and Sam (7, conqueror of Ayres Rock) is travelling with her husband and kids to America in September.  It is a long awaited trip for her and she will be visiting San Diego, San Francisco, LA and New York.

She was a Graphic Designer in her past life and is taking her new camera and many, many memory sticks.  She wants to find the places that the residents of each city enjoy, to balance out the Disneyland/Fun Parks that are inevitable when one goes to the US with children.  Can any of you recommend restaurants, coffee shops,parks, markets or pretty things that you know of?  Equally important, are there places that she should avoid?

I’m hoping you can help us  her with vintage or secondhand markets especially.  She promised to bring me something home from a vintage market.  I can’t believe she’s not taking me! I’m so excited for her.

13 thoughts on “A Favour?

  1. Ooooh, San Diego? I can help! Places that we like:

    San Diego:
    — Cabrillo National Monument and Tidal Pools (our #1 favorite park)
    — Balboa Park (includes the Zoo and numerous museums which are not free)
    — Sunset Cliffs Park
    — Torrey Pines State Park

    — The Hotel del Coronado

    — Quail Gardens

    — Wild Animal Park

    Farther Afield:
    — Julian (in the mountains)
    — Palomar Mountain
    — Temecula (many wineries)

    NOTE: September in San Diego is the hottest month, so inland (Escondido, Julian, Temecula, Palomar) is likely to be scorching, especially during Santa Anas.

    By New York I assume you mean the city? We’re from New York but not from the city. However if she’s feeling really really ambitious a drive out to Montauk on Long Island might be nice. If she gets upstate, the Adirondacks are beautiful; they’re the place we miss the most about New York.

    If I think of any more, I will post them.

  2. Carlsbad! Why, that’s the next town south from us! You can catch the Coaster from there and ride it down to San Diego if you don’t want to deal with the traffic.

    A couple places I can’t believe I forgot (all in San Diego):
    — Old Town San Diego (be sure to go south to the Whaley House, the “most haunted house in America”)
    — The Gaslamp District
    — The harbor (tall ships, the Midway aircraft carrier museum, Seaport Village shopping area)

    If you want to see where all the rich people and movie stars live, you can take a ride through the back roads of Rancho Santa Fe, which is not far from Carlsbad.

    If you want to come north to Oceanside, you can visit the pier (longest wooden pier on the West Coast, IIRC) and Oceanside Harbor. And you can stop by the Fred Astaire studio on the 101 and see my wife and I practicing Viennese Waltz or whatever. 😉

  3. My personal assistant likes to do this in NYC. Go to the top of the Empire State building before dark and watch the lights of the city come up-breathtaking!
    He also loves the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oh yes, and the Museum of Natural History-the dinosaur displays there are unbelievable.

  4. Sister says – a super huge thankyou to you both! Cannot wait to go to Empire State building and watch the night lights appear, and am so plaesed to add Cabrillo tidal pools to our agenda, amongst other suggestions.
    And Al, about those ears – want your name embroided on them, I hear they do that.

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