My Muse

Every writer has a Muse – as indeed, I’m sure every creative person has a Muse.  You may think you don’t, but I’m telling you, you do.  Some writers’ Muses (Muse’s? Ack!) are bullies who chew cigars and bark Sergeant Major-like at their writers, while others wear their hats backward and hang over the back of their writer’s chair.  My Muse is beautiful and quiet and kind of flaky.  She lies in the sunshine and daydreams alot of the time.  She is always smiling.  Sometimes she notices me and she trails her hand across my forehead as she wanders past me.  And sometimes…sometimes she looks me right in the eyes, with the intensity of a sniper.  The rush I get when she looks at me this way is unbelievable and a little scary, I don’t mind saying.  It is such a different feel to the languid sense I have when she floats vaguely nearby. 

This occasional extreme focus is exciting and thrilling and all consuming.  It is addictive and absolutely why I love writing.

What is your Muse like?  Maybe we can get them together sometime?

6 thoughts on “My Muse

  1. 🙂

    Checkers, your muse CAN be a ham sandwich, but then you would not be allowed to eat it. Bummer.

    Jeanie and Rhubarb, I’ve just come back from a weekend camping down the Coast and I’m afraid I didn’t see your Muses there, maybe you locked them in a cupboard by accident?

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