Panic Post

Did I forget to mention that I was going away camping for the weekend?  Well, we’re back.  Helloooo.  And so is my guilt at not posting.  I decided to sit down straight away and write a post and light the fire at the same time, and try to think of a dinner to make and catch up on my phone messages and you know what?  I cannot for the life of me get a coherent story in my head.  Can’t think why.  It could be because I’m racing around trying to do seven things at once OR it could be because I took Travelcalm and still have a herd of moths fluttering around in my synapses.  Bear that in mind when you read my responses.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

So, in the process of sorting out my intermess, I came across my favorite fellas: the search engine terms! 

TaDaaahhhh!  Here are the ones I found waiting for me after three days.  Enjoy!  These are all true search terms and truly have not been doctored in any way by the author who has had Travelcalm.

the things you can’t tell – That you have had Travelcalm earlier today?  Sadly, if you don’t tell me, I certainly can’t tell you.

cob loaf dips – You can find my recipe here, eventually.

stepford husband – He’s my Stepford Husband, please go and train your own

what if I got alpaca spit in my mouth – Oh Honey!  Go and wash it out!!  Other than that, you have my sincere condolences.  I’d like to ask you how you got alpaca spit in your mouth, but I’m worried it’s an aswer I don’t want to hear.  Alpaca spit won’t kill you, in fact, it’s probably got all sorts of health giving things in it that will be marketed at exorbitant prices in 6 years time.  But really, again, I’m so so sorry!

feeding chooks cooked hot food – Please do. If it’s winter, they’ll love you for life…or until they get distracted by something shiny.  Whichever comes first.  Buy my book.

hot dip in a cob loaf – Reminds me of Stepford Husband’s saying “Hot tongue and cold shoulder” as in “If I get home late again, I’ll be getting hot tongue and cold shoulder!”

betty page fringe – mine has grown out now, but I’d do it again – only next time I’ll choose a place that doesn’t give you a fringe cut for $5.

spinach dip in a cob + recipe – Seriously, more people come to Laugh in the Sun looking for  cob loaf dip than anything else.  I so hope they aren’t disappointed.

it was fun fun fun when we was laughing – I am very pleased to know that, but I reckon that should have been the first line on a Window’s New Document, instead of the little space on your Google search page.  I’d love to read the next part, if you’re out there.

i type well when drunk – That sounds less like a search term and more like a showoffy statement that you’d like to rub my nose in.  I THINK I type well when drunk, but when I read it back the next day I cringe from my bottom up.  I don’t type well on Travelcalm.  At all.

what you can tell by someone laugh – Now, this sounds like someone else has had their Travelcalm today!  Howareya! My name is

bigbum – It always come back to my bum, doesn’t it?  I wonder if the picture of the chicken that you’d see if you came to this site looking up ‘bigbum’ would be at all useful for you?

And now we return you to your regular program, sponsored by ‘Naturehealth’s latest product: Alpaca Globsules – Good for what ails you!’ and ‘Travelcalm’

4 thoughts on “Panic Post

  1. To me, “hot dip in a cob loaf” sounds like the latest apres-ski activity at the Bigbucks Lodge.

    That Travelcalm is sure effective. I hope you come see the photo-comic I posted this morning; almost sounds like I

  2. hello alyson its dennis the vizsla dog hay we animals ar not as eezily distrakted as you mite think oh luk a bunny owtside!!!!!!!! wot wer we tawking abowt agin? oh rite we wer diskussing bunnies i hav to go chayse wun now ok bye

  3. Yes, Lavenderbay, it sounds like an exotic way to end an evening – with a chef! And I loved your photo comic, the look on Mad Maxine’s face is

    Oh, Dennis, you’re so pretty.

  4. A successful individual typically sets his next goal somewhat but not too much above his last achievement. In this way he steadily raises his level of aspiration.

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