Kioloa Camping

While in mid-winter, at our home it looked (and felt) like this:


(that’s our neighbours roof and our own dirt pile, affectionately named “Ayers Rock” in the foreground)

  we went camping on the coast 2.5 hours away at Kioloa (pronounced Kai-ola by the locals).  We had a fab time feeding the birds…

…those of us feeling energetic, played a little sport…

… and the crazies went surfing!

There were beautiful sounds and scenery everywhere you looked.

And yet my favorite photo of the 9,273 photos we took, is this one..

 Because that’s what it felt like.

6 thoughts on “Kioloa Camping

  1. I know! I tried that old “You’ll get sick, playing in the cold water!” only to get the response “That’s an old wives tale, Mum!”

    Why, I oughta…..!

  2. Isn’t that the Forbidden City in the first photo? I thought you lived in Australia.

    This is a lovely post; your whole family got something out of the trip.

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