6 thoughts on “Red & Winter are like Wine & Cheese

  1. Your field looks downright frosty! I especially like the second picture, looking almost like a B&W with one bit coloured in.

  2. Great pictures! I like the flower shot. You’re right about the B&W-looking effect, Lavenderbay … reminds me of the little girl with the red sweater from “Schindler’s List”.

  3. I think the coldest weather is behind us (fingers crossed) but I’m glad I got this opportunity!

    Hi Checkers, I’m staying warm, but I can’t wait till I don’t have to wear 5 layers of clothes to do it 🙂

    I really like how they turned out too…could not have done that if I tried!

    Ironically, the flower is called a Red Hot Poker 🙂 …and heavens knows why it was flowering in the middle of winter, I don’t think that’s normal at all.

    Thanks Rhubarb 🙂

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