Power Failure

We are I am experiencing a temporary lack of time/sleep/humor/socks at the moment, please bear (bare?) with me blogfriends, while I try to get my head on straight.  If it’s any consolation, I’m actually getting some housework done. Your regular programming will be returned to you as soon as I snap out of it possible.

10 thoughts on “Power Failure

  1. “It is time to go. We must leave our would-be commenter here, as she writes the same comment again and again, always sending, never viewing. Was the “Submit Comment” button a clever decoy? Was there ever really such a blogger as Alyson Hill? Had WordPress changed the comment posting stipulations, and was Laugh in the Sun enjoying the last laugh? These are questions… questions that can only be answered in the Twilight Zone.”

  2. Aha! I got it. They dumped my comments in your spam bucket because of the link I put in. My point was an offer to lend you my June 18 Wordless Wednesday subject.

    Hang in there!

  3. Lavenderbay, you rock me with laughter! Thankyou for your tenaciousness…and your Happy socks!

    The cluckers are worried alright….they’re not even laying eggs for me…not helping! 🙂

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