Puppy Love Angst

See this fellow?  He’s breaking my heart in two.

He is an Irish Wolfhound (Wolfhorse, I say) that was dumped on a farm.  We brought him home, not knowing he was an Irish Wolfhorse.  He was the first dog we ever had as a puppy.  He is a gentle giant.

He also jumped the fence last week to play with a bunch of dogs who were visiting the neighbours. 

And he went from playing joyfully, to attacking the neighbour’s elderly dog in seconds.  We paid the vet fees and have had Milo assessed.  It seems his unknown parentage could mean he may have had the most patient and loving mother/father in the world but the meanest/pig hunting psycho father/mother in the world and we have a two week period to discover whether he can control his nature with structured behaviour modification.  By the second week of September we should be able to figure out whether or not our sweet Jekyll and Hyde can change his behaviour or be put down.

I can put all the funny photos of the world of him on the ‘puter…but it doesn’t change that he did something unpredictable and unacceptable in the place where we live, and that, ultimately we have a responsibility to protect our family and community from the possibility that he can’t change, despit our best efforts.

I’ll be spending the better part of the next few weeks trying to determine if I can help him be the best damn wolfhorse he can be.  I hope you, my blogfriends, can spare us a thought or a prayer.  Either way, send me a chuck under the chin (in your thoughts) and I’ll be back when I can get there! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Puppy Love Angst

  1. Hi Alyson,

    Lavenderbay referred me to you, and I’m willing to pass on as much Wolfhound knowledge as I can.

    Can you drop me an email so I have your address and I’ll send you some questions that I have about this.

    Also where are you? It would help to know if I can suggest resources to you.


  2. How awful! The dog looks so sorry in the first picture. I hope he can get into rehab soon and that you’ll have him for many trouble-free years.
    Tears and Winter. You may have to rename your blog under the trade descriptions act. Hope laughs and sunshine return to you soon.

  3. Thanks everyone – in to every life, a little rain must fall – is that how it goes? I’m sure that sometime in the future, I’ll find some humor in this whole fiasco – fingers crossed, eh?

  4. I will be sending upstairs all the positive vibes I can for his rehabilitation. I do hope everything works out well for you all.

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