A little smile

Anne-Marie Taplin sent me an email this morning to let me know an essay of mine, titled ‘Mum’s the word’, had gone up on her website ‘Parenting Express’.

I had forgotten what a great thing it is to read things that you’ve written in the past and to have the rush of sensations, feelings, and memories that the writing of it brings back – where you were physically and in your life at that time, the routine of the family, the frustrations and the joys.  Mine are actually all in that story.  It’s even better being a writer and rereading old stuff and still liking it!  Am I allowed to say that out loud?  🙂

15 thoughts on “A little smile

  1. You’re allowed! 🙂 I almost always find things I want to change when I go back and re-read my old stuff, although sometimes (“A Flock of Crows is Called a Murder”, “Dragon Stones”, “Comfort”) I’m pretty much 100% happy with them.

  2. I hate that when Jack came back yesterday from camping he says “You didn’t pack my underwear!” And I say “What are these in your bag then?” He says “You didn’t pack my toothbrush!” I say “What’s this then?”
    He says “You didn’t pack my sleeping bag!”
    I say “Oops, sorry”.

    Loved your article. We are normal! So there.

  3. 1. Yes, of course you’re allowed to enjoy the fruits of your labour — everyone else is. You wouldn’t expect to make Therapeutic Sweet Potato Pie and then hear people say “You can’t have any because you’re the chef” now, would you?

    2. I find it wonderful that I have to go all the way to Blogland Australia to learn the latest gossip concerning the guy I babysit and his mum.

  4. Three, James, is a VERY good number!

    I love being an aunt too – it is wickedly good fun, with hardly any consequences 😉

    Jack’s Mom, it is (hip to be square?) no, no, that’s not it – cool to be in such good (familiar) company i.e. Mums who own up to the crazy in their lives 🙂

    You guys crack me up!

  5. I am not a parent Alyson but I loved the humour and honesty in this essay. This facet of experience is just not shared enough – particularly with those of us outside the mothers circle. I found it very refreshing as opposed to the greeting card version of motherhood which is adhered to by the media.

  6. At least you can look back on it and laugh, and not even have to wait twenty years first. I find the image of that undone cheese-and-vegemite sandwich particularly vivid.
    By the way, you got top score in Turtle’s yard sale contest. Results are posted in my Sept 8th entry. Congratulations!

  7. It’s great feeling the nostalgia of past work…the ones I especially cherish, I feel the same way you felt. I must admit though, what feels the best is looking back at past works (whatever type they may be), and seeing how you’ve changed and/or improved.

    Now *that’s* a feeling. 😀

  8. I can still the vegemite and cheese sandwich to this day!
    Love a yard sale, Lavenderbay, I had 35 years of research for that one.

    Very true drcorner! Even the cringeworthy ones draw a bit of affection once there is a few years seperating us 🙂

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