Sunny weather

Some time ago I had a writing blitz.  A weird inspiration took my fancy and, uncharacteristically, I ignored the housework, the kids, Stepford Husband and the outside world in general and I focussed on this inspiration that my Muse had blown to me like a kiss.

I liked what I wrote.  And I was relieved because after publishing my first book last year, I was worrying that I may have been a one-story wonder.  This new story was fiction and it was just for me, until I discovered a competition that fitted the parameters of it almost perfectly.

The competition required the story to be 2000 words and I was 4000 over, but upon rereading it (still in the longhand that I torturously write all my first drafts) I discovered a very natural ‘ending’ that occured earlier in the piece.  At the 3000 word mark.  My challenge was to ‘lose’ one thousand words and get it into shape in 12 hours so that it would make the competition deadline.

Stepford Husband very kindly took the reins and the washing duties of the household and I got the work done.  With no procrastination.  At all!  In fact, I couldn’t wait to shove unexpected visitors out the door so I could work on it some more (sorry, Mum). 

It was cleansing, it was life affirming, and best of all, it was fun.  Stop laughing.  It’s true, my hippy trip side does tend to come out on joyous occasions.  Such as this one.  Because I won.

10 thoughts on “Sunny weather

  1. What she said.
    Good thing I wasn’t reading it at 01 30 after the fire alarm woke everyone up.

    Anyway, congratulations! What do you win — does it get published somewhere?

    It does stand on its own, but I’m interested in seeing the next 4,000 words on how the tale develops. We rented the movie “Kissed” and watched it a few years ago; horribly creepy in its ordinariness (director David Cronenberg is Canadian after all), but certainly unforgettable!

    And oh yes, years ago my Victorian Lit prof touched on the topic of phrenology/ physiognomy in his lectures,and included the tidbit that Victorian researchers concluded that the way to distinguish a harlot was by her feet, specifically the space between the big toe and the one next it.

  2. Well, thankyou guys! I guess on the other end of my humorist see-saw sits a darker side (my Sri Lankan side 😀 ) and much of my fiction is twisty and eerie… I can’t even imagine how you see me now!

    Doing the research for the story I discovered that the British Phrenological Society was very concerned about Australia given that it had been created as a Prison Island of sorts – so much so, that they put alot of pressure on the academic classes to set up a Phrenological Society of their own so they could figure out if Australia was a ‘criminal continent’ all by the bumps on their heads!

    I hate to think what the spaces between my toes mean!

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