Butterfly Ball

Back in the day, as kids we were… errr… *encouraged* to watch the ABC (Australia’s version of the BBC) rather than the commercial channels available on TV.  This meant that my siblings and I could not really enjoy the conversations with our peers on great dramas such as ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Cop Shop’.  Nor could we watch the comedy shows tagged by our Dad as ‘inane’, although for some reason both M*A*S*H and The Muppets escaped his ire. 

But the ABC wasn’t all bad, in fact, it was rather good.  And although, back then, we kept to ourselves the fact that our favorite comedy viewing was ‘The Goodies’ and we bit our nails through ‘Doctor Who’, nowadays we reminisce at family do’s and play ‘Remember when…’ until our kids beg us to stop.

‘The Butterfly Ball’ was used regularly on the ABC as a filler between shows in the afternoon and if I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times.  But I only need to hear the first five seconds of it to go right back there…and smile.  Did you know it?

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Ball

  1. Didn’t get the Butterfly ball on the Beeb or at least I don’t remember seeing it. We loved the Goodies though. Goodie Goodie Yum Yum!!!

    Were they allowed to show the episode where they bred Rolf Harrises, on Australian TV what with him being an national icon?

    Bill Oddie went on to become a renown ornithologist and naturalist and still does TV shows in that area.

  2. We LOVED the Rolf Harris episode of the Goodies! It would be fair to say that Australians, as a whole, are more than happy to laugh at themselves and who wouldn’t laugh at a plague of Rolf Harrises? The kid sized ones were SO cute!

    Anytime, Rhubarb, anytime! I love finding other Gen X’s with the same timelines!

    I’ve no idea, Lavenderbay! But it was pretty special – or maybe it was just the 70’s??

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