Killing Time

On this most exceptional day, where I have actually a little time between the craziness that is my life, I am finding an excuse to blog about something quite strange.  Somehow, I am compelled nonetheless.  Using those two words: ‘compelled’ and ‘nonetheless’ is important to me and using them together in the same sentence makes me feel very happy.  Indulge me.

Anyhoo, I have perhaps lulled you in with an odd and obscure title when really what I want to tell you about today is the craving I have.  I am going out for lunch shortly, but am a little peckish and in order to prevent myself swooning before I get to my meeting place I felt obliged to make myself a little snack.  Those who know me and love me, know that toast is my snack of choice – so toast is a given, but what to put on it?

This sense of wanting something unknown but specific came hurtling back from my memories of gestating when I would crave something salty, tangy, and creamy, all at once.  And it had to be on toast.  Back then, I went through my pantry, my sister’s pantry, my parents’ pantry and the pantries of friends (and you know I’ll make it up to you all, I swear) to figure out what it was I wanted.  Hot buttery Vegemite toast wasn’t it.  Tinned sardines with tomato sauce wasn’t it.  And surprisingly, peanut butter with sweet chili sauce wasn’t it.  Curry paste on toast also failed, as did olive tepanade and mayonnaise.  French mustard by itself was close, but no banana.  The baby I was gestating at the time was my middle child.  He eats anything, but there is a price to pay – because he eats anything!

Finally I nailed it.  Are you ready?  Avocado (avodacado as it is called by our youngest) mashed with freshly milled pepper, salt and vinegar.  Mmmmmmmm.  On hot, buttery toast.  Noice!

I wouldn’t recommend trying this on bread: it comes off looking like a snot sandwich and not tasting much better, but on hot buttery toast…Oh Baby!

And, no, I am not pregnant again.

9 thoughts on “Killing Time

  1. Ooh that sounds fab! I thought I was so original, but mine just sounds like the cupboard store version of yours! My favorite breakfast is Eggs Benedict – or it would be if you could swap the ham for bacon. Bacon and eggs – goooood!! English Muffin – goood, Hollandaise sauce – goood! Really, I could just eat breakfast all day.

  2. Luckily, I was eating toast while reading this or I would have had to run off and make some.
    For breakfast this morning we had edamame beans! Last night we had roast chestnuts. Yes, I too have a child with unusual eating habits.

  3. My middle child and I would totally join you in the roast chestnuts (we’re new to them and tend to charcoal them a little, but we still persevere and eat them with yummy noises!) but what on earth are edamame beans?? 🙂

  4. They are Soy beans from Japan, and are usually sold frozen. I was lucky enough to have a trip to Tokyo this week and brought some fresh ones back. There are two or three beans in the pod which is a little fuzzy like a peach.
    They are bright green. You boil them in their pods (or the microwave will do for frozen ones). Then you drain them and add salt. You eat them by squeezing the pods between your teeth and scraping out the bean. I think it’s because of this last bit that kids like them. Looking up nutrition facts I found: Edamame is a complete protein containing all the esential Amino Acids. Great source of protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, and isoflavones (found only in Soy).

  5. I think the Mexicans were there first. If you substitute lemon or lime juice for the vinegar, and add a pureed clove of garlic, it’s called guacamole. Keep making it yourself, though; the packaged variety in the produce case is gross.

  6. Sounds very healthy, Jack’s Mom, do they taste nice?

    YUM – now I have to go and drag the toaster back out, Stace…I’m not saying I’m easily influenced but…yum!

    There are two many questions if I eat the avocado directly, James: ‘what are you DOING Mum?’ ‘Can I have some?’ whereas, if I make it look like something that came from a nose, nobody is going to touch it! It’s all about the greed, really.

    You know I’m a HUGE fan of Guacamole, and not for a second did I make the connection between this and good ol’ Guac’. You know what else, Lavenderbay? I don’t think I would like to eat Guac’ on toast – it’s a weird brain thing, I suppose.

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