Boys on film

I love this series by the clever Phillip Scott Johnson. The music, by Yoyoma, I could listen to all day.  ‘Men in film’ moves slower than ‘Women in film’ and ‘Women in art’ and as a result, sometimes the face changes are as subtle as your own might be in the course of a conversation.  I defy you not to move your head from side to side as you watch.


And, how nice, it finishes with George .

7 thoughts on “Boys on film

  1. That was cool! And a great test of how close-to-postmenopausal I am, trying to name the faces before they disappeared.

  2. I think I dated that guy – never knew who he was going to be from one minute to the next.
    Thanks, as LB says, a challenge to remember all the names (or am I thinking of the boyfriends again!).

  3. I reckon James Stewart is in there either twice or six times! It’s a nice way to pass the time counting, reminiscingreallyquickly and listening to soothing music, eh, Lavenderbay?

    I’m pretty sure I dated a few of them too, Jack’s Mom! Boy that guy got around! I really loved how Kevin Kline’s eyebrow went up…and up…and up… 🙂

  4. That’s pretty cool — I ended up watching the whole thing even though I’m like 87 RSS messages behind on my reading! I kept going “Oooh, Christopher Walken! Oooh, Al Pacino! Oooh, Roy Scheider!” (or whoever).

  5. James, that sounds like the grown up version of my 7 year old Abbey who stood at my shoulder saying “I like that one, no I like that one, no that one, no-o-o-o THAT one….OH no, I like THAT one…”

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