Query Day

Ok all you bloggers, I’m having a proactive post today, and I’d love to hear from you!  What personal rule do you always try to follow when writing your blog posts?  Mine is to try never to start the post with ‘I’ or ‘My’….although ‘My’ is preferrable to ‘I’ if pushed or completely uninspired.

So what are yours?  I’ll wait…take your time.



It’s going to rain – so I have absolutely nothing better to do.

Not. A. Thing.

7 thoughts on “Query Day

  1. If I write about someone I know, I always read it three times before I hit ‘submit’ to assure myself I haven’t inadvertently insulted them. If in doubt, I delete the whole thing and start again. I had a bad experience a while back, where I wrote something awful without meaning to, and it’s taken me years to forgive myself for being so careless.

    That’s my rule.

  2. I like to avoid apologies for not writing in whatever time has elapsed since the last blog post. There are already so many metablogging apologies out there and it’s pretty boring really! Apart from that, no rules.

  3. Yeah, Trish I have a similar rule about emails…be careful who their addressed to because some people ‘reply to all’ instead of just to you. Know the pain.

    That’s a good one, Stace, you are so right. I’m going to try and use that one from now on.

    He’s a creature of habit..in a hat! I always imagine the ‘ok bye’ as though he’s throwing it over his shoulder as he runs off to his next escapade.

  4. I watch the Word Count and try not to go over 500 words. If the entry gets too wordy, I see if I can throw in an extra photo or two to break up the paragraphs.

  5. I pretty much have no real rules, I’m like Stace though, in that I try not to apologize for posting gaps.

    Most people understand that we all have things to do that may take our time away from blogging for a short time.

    I don’t know if I’d call it a rule, but I do try and find pics that are relevant or add a little punch to my Posts and fix them up.

  6. Ah, yes, in my first blogging workshop I seem to recall that advice: note to self, use more photos. Note to self, take more photos. And learn to download them instead of relying on the kids…

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