Spring growth

This back pain weather has given me an opportunity to slow things down somewhat and take a good look around.  We’ve had a bit of rain and everything is green and sproinging up like mad.  The bearded iris’ have taken off and are buddling up ready to burst simultaneously into psychedelic colors.  There are teeny tiny tomato seedlings growing where the surplus tomatoes composted away last Summer.  The thumb like leaves of baby zucchini plants or, frighteningly worse, pumpkin plants are threatening to engulf a wine barrel full of pink daisies and lilac pansies and I must do something about them right away or they will take over the world.  Or at least the wine barrel.

  And my parsley, silverbeet, a single mad radish and a surprise fennel are, right at this moment, towering to their tallest aspirations and will go to seed anytime.  On 5 acres, it doesn’t really bother me if rogue parsley and radish carpet the ground randomly, in fact I secretly encourage it.

Of course, it isn’t just the beautiful, useful, tasty plants that are envigorating throughout the place.  The weeds naturally enough, are following suit.  But we have a horse, and a ride-on mower and a weekend coming up, and I feel so damn good from this lovely weather that I am a benevolent garden Queen.  The weeds, for the moment, may stay.

Boy, I’m going to regret that in Summer.

6 thoughts on “Spring growth

  1. Ah, there is nothing like Summer weeding. First you hang off the giant weed, use your whole body weight as leverage , and still the thing barely sheds a seed.

    Testing, testing one, two, three.

    For some reason my comments haven’t been appearing on your blog in the last few days. Such are the mysterious powers of WordPress, I am probably considered a nice piece of spam at the moment . Anyway, just in case this actually appears I would like to thank you for the blog award and the lovely compliment.

    I read your blog to see and remember better too. Oh and to laugh at your humour and enjoy your marvellous storytelling. 🙂

  2. There is a certain freedom in NOT being allowed to do things such as pull at giant weeds, but only looking at them makes me twitchy!

    I’ll go check my spam LiD, you say such lovely things that I’d hate to miss a word 🙂 !

  3. I’ve always enjoyed seeing what grows on the compost heap. Tomatoes, potatoes, and winter squash have been the most regular self-starters.
    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Spring weather, instead of just being under it.

  4. I have been sighing reading your blogs and watching you enjoy your warm weather and finally it’s here! Spring always makes me feel good, Lavenderbay, it really makes me see how climate effects moods.

    Checkers, don’t make me envious of your Fall yet, I just got my Spring!:)

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