Food History

While I haven’t been as regular a writer on my blog lately as I am in my dreams, I have managed to do a series of guest blogs for Gillian at Food History.  I had been blogging for about 6 months when I met Gillian.  She was teaching a Blogging workshop for our local writer’s centre.  During the break she sent us to walk around and peruse the markets outside the centre and when we returned, told us that we should have been able to get at least 5 blog entries for that walk alone.  It stuck in my head the way random bits of information tend to do in my world, and when I blogged about an OpShop Cookbook gifted to me by my parents, she asked me to do a few guest blogs on the topic for her to use on a rainy day…or a weekend away as it turned out. 

Including the original post I ended up writing five on my OpShop Cookbook.  OCD much?

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