What’s a rooster urn?

Sometime ago I posted about Hank in the Tank making the water taste boggy and how our rooster urn had rectified this potentially yukky situation. ” What’s a rooster urn?” I was asked.  And the answer is food, board and his own personal harem to do with as he pleases! BaDaBoom Ting!

But seriously folks.

 This is our rooster urn.  Isn’t he a fancy fellow?  Yep, when it comes to roosters, I like ’em fancy.  Not my men, mind.  Just my roosters.

This ceramic urn sits heavily and unmoveably (Sure it’s a word!) on our bench, filtering our tank water, taking out all the Hank in it, cooling it and making it not only accessible to our kids and visiting children but also, apparently, fun to use.  Those kids who need Mum to do everything LOVE to help themselves to our water.  That’s right, water.  One visiting lady was so astonished to see her kid filling and refilling his glass, she checked it herself because she thought it was lemonade.  Yeah, she didn’t know me too well.  I’m a mean, bad mother.  Plus, I’m too cheap to have a regular supply of lemonade on hand.  Also, I guess I’m too lazy to fill her and her childs glasses up myself.  No surprises there.

 Look, there I am now.  Probably dicing the childrens fingers that got too close to my cake.

At the top of the urn is a lid and if we lift the lid we will see the well that we pour our tap water into.

See?  That thing in the middle is the filter and we are supposed to change it when you can no longer clean it enough so that water runs through it.  Our filter is Royal Doulton, truly, and this means it has the finest filtration of all the plaster filters on the market.  We’ve had it a year and it has washed as white as the day we bought it everytime we feel the need to clean it.  It’s made of a chalky type substance and you can scrub it with a nailbrush or even scrape it with a knife if you need to.  The lady we bought it from says that our water must be very good – even given the birds pooping on the roof and Hank in the Tank.  She says that one man on very isolated land buys a few filters every year from her, because his mineral laden water turns that central filter rust brown within a month, and inside of three months he has scraped it back to half its width.  BUT, if he didn’t have an urn, he’d have to buy and store water which is a very expensive proposition around here.

 And see?  The well lifts out for easy filling or for cleaning.  It can be a real shock little surprising to see what has come out of the tap.  And what you might have drunk without even looking. Ugghhhh.  So between the well and the urn itself, that entire cavity holds, filters and cools water, unelectriccitally….errr… unelectrically…unelec…without using any power whatsoever.
Clever right?
And THAT’S my rooster urn.  He’s a beaut…worth every cent. And fancy!

(Phew!  Sweetie, could you pour me a wine please?  I’m parched.)

6 thoughts on “What’s a rooster urn?

  1. We used to have oneof those as well, and they work so amazingly well. Now I have an underbench filtration unit for the tap, so my urn has been retired. I loved it so much I kept it though, packed away snugly.

  2. Thanks for explaining the rooster urn — I just couldn’t picture it from the Hank story.

    Oh, I like that SO much better than plastic Britta pitchers and their landfill-loving filters! I’m already adding a rooster urn to my makebelieve house, probably near the corner where the crank-handled ice cream maker stands.

  3. Well that sounds lovely, Lavenderbay, and I can’t wait to come visit for a nice cool glass of water and some hand churned ice cream..mmmmmmmmmmmmm. You’ll have biceps the size of Tasmania by the time I go home!

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