Nervous Nelly

Tonight I will be the guest speaker for the Yass Rotary Club.  They’ve invited me to come and speak as an author (who, me?) and I’m worried that they will be disappointed.  Because really and truly, I’m just a girl (I have good skin).  I mean I’m really just a person.  A person who wrote a book last year and has lost a bit of the momentum that carried me through the launch, book readings and book signings. 
I’m downright nervous.

Being on the telly was nervewracking (less so when I realised the cameraman was an old friend of mine) but I also knew they could edit to make me both look and sound better.  The launch was great because I had invited pretty much all the people there anyway.  Book readings were fun because my work was often the comedy after some very serious stuff.  But this is just me.  Speaking.  For 20 to 25 minutes.  And I won’t even have children around to use as props or sound effects.  And you’d think I would have prepared something.  You’d be wrong.  I have pondered it vaguely.  I have run a few sentences around in my head.  And left it to the last minute.  And then I have made a quilt, dyed some old wool blankets, done three loads of washing, the dishwasher and cleaned the kids bathroom.  I know!  That’s not like me at all!

It’s the Rotary Club, people.  I’ve probably served half of them coffee and cake in my paying job. 
Will they frown on my silliness?  Will I hear crickets? 

Somebody send me some laughs??!!

8 thoughts on “Nervous Nelly

  1. You will be fantastic. I think the air will be full of happy cackling. Just keep your eye out for Egggory Peck. Lol, sorry that was all I had. 🙂

  2. You’ll do perfectly well. For one thing, you can hold your head high with self-respect regarding all the household chores you’ve gotten to. For another thing, you’re going to Yass, not Tallarook. And like Livingisdetail sez, maybe Eggory Peck will be admiring you from the audience, or maybe you’ll see Sean Henn, or Vigo Morthenson, or a band member of Hens at Work. Enjoy!

  3. The members of the Rotary Club obviously believe in you. All you have to believe in is the passion and purpose that lies behind the writing of your book, in the story you wanted to share in the first place. I know you’ve already done the talk; I hope the experience was, well, not so nerve-wracking as you feared…!

  4. Well you’re all wonderful and, of course, right!

    The Yass Rotarians are a lovely group of Ladies and Gentlemen, who represent the true sense of those words. Great hosts and generous people each and every one.

    And the bonus was the great stories they had to tell me when my talk was over.

    But always at the back of my mind were your supportive messages..even if I had heard crickets, I know they would have been cheerful ones rooting for me like you all did!

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