At my niece’s school there are some industrious mums making costumes for their class Christmas play.  My niece Ruby’s friend was very proud that her mum was doing some of the sewing.

“My mum is sewing the costume that I am going to be wearing.  She’s the best sewer in the world!” said Ruby’s little friend Z.

“She is not.  My AUNTY is the best sewer in the world!” said Ruby.

“No she’s not, my Mum sews ALL THE TIME!” said Z.

“My Aunty sews all the time and she’s a MUCH better sewer than your Mum!” said Ruby. “Much MUCH better!!!”

I’m not actually the best sewer in the world.  I’m not even the best sewer in my street. I all but failed the sewing part of Home Ec.  But I now love sewing, and for her birthday two weeks ago I made Ruby a Barbie sleeping bag, a Barbie skirt (very Vivienne Westward), a Barbie shoe bag and a drawstring bag to keep all her Barbie’s in. 

When Ruby’s mum told me this story, I cried.  Well, it was a Wednesday and I’d turned 39 the day before so there were extenuating circumstances.

I love that little girl and I’m so glad she’s in my corner.  She’s a fiercely loyal kid, and if, in her eyes I am the best sewer in the world, then I will do my damndest to live up to that title. 

Hopefully she’ll be gentle with me when she does Home Ec.


4 thoughts on “Homegirl

  1. I’d try storing that one in my velcrotic lobe, if I were you.
    Oh, and a suggestion: If you ever decide to make a “Best Sewer in the World” award or badge, you might want to add a visual for clarity’s sake.

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