Laid out plans

Yesterday, the plan was to declutter my bedroom, vaccum and get to the clean washing which needs folding. 

Instead, I decluttered a bookshelf, carried a green Depression glass cake platter to the kitchen to wipe it clean, slipped in what looked suspiciously like Irish Wolfhorse drool, dislocated my knee, dropped the glass cake platter and landed (weirdly) on the backs of my hands on top of the whole shattered mess.  Needless to say I decided to forgo the vaccuming, and the clean washing is still dustily piled up next to my bed.

Today, my left knee is tight and swollen (under the scabs and rainbow bruises that I got from falling over rather inelegantly earlier in the week ), inexplicably my left buttock aches, the backs of my hands are stinging with a multitude of invisible cuts and the bloody clean washing is still mocking me.  Apparently, SH says it’s too early to start drinking.

I think this is the Universe trying to tell me not to even try to do Housework.  Ostensibly, housework is bad for me.

I can justify anything.


9 thoughts on “Laid out plans

  1. O U C H ! ! ! ! ! Seriously? Dislocated??? Isn’t that, like, worse than childbirth???

    I’m also sorry you broke the platter. It sounds like it might have been something quite special.

    I think the universe is telling you to have that early drink.

  2. Of course one could argue that mopping up the drool (a form of housework) would have prevented the whole mess happening in the first place. Nah, housework would have found a way to get me another time in a nother place, I say!

  3. You’re all right of course, I should just let the housework be before it breaks something rather more valuable to me…like my turkey platter or my neck!

    Dislocation does hurt more than childbirth Trish…waaaay more.

    My babies’ drool always seemed more sticky than slippery, but I totally agree Stace.

    Thankyou L!

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