Where does the time go?

I’m not writing this blog (or anything else) as often as I’d like, and in a way it is due to one of the very facts that I enjoy so much about our lifestyle change. There is ALWAYS something to do, always something that NEEDS to be done, always something to gaze at, and always an animal to watch or interact with in some way. It’s very distracting.

Restlessness in the city often led to poking around in the backyard, trying to create a something that had to be dealt with or going to the Mall to browse with irritation at things I didn’t need or really want, and then feeling guilty because I bought something out of, I dunno …boredom? But here, it seems like every moment is a stolen moment, and I’m not getting many of the things done that I’d like because I feed the chooks and get distracted at the silly mother hen fake eating all the food to encourage her chick to get stuck in (scary how familiar that scene is!), or I go to check the tomato seedlings and get ‘snuck up’ on by the 500 kilogram horse on tiptoe, who is hoping to be cuddled and admired (don’t we all?), or I go to pick some rosemary for the roast and notice an assortment of mushrooms popping up everywhere, so I wander from one to the other seeing if I can figure out which ones might be edible (I can’t yet…any tips?) and on the way I discover a Tupperware container that the kids have used as a frisbee, in the long grass, and then I notice how the light is coming through the trees, and the remains of a hatched egg under the tree that I planted that has doubled in size in the last three months and….. I bounce around the place like a pinball.  Attention span?  What attention span?

Inevitably I return inside and discover, like now, I’m suddenly 15 minutes behind schedule and have to chuck my ‘to-do’ list if I’m going to get the kids on the bus and myself to work. As long as I get there in the end, it doesn’t matter I guess. I can’t wait to get home though, to do it again.


4 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Enjoy, Alyson!
    A surprisingly large proportion of writers on my blogroll live in the country. I wonder if my subconscious is trying to tell me something? (Like, I dunno, gimmegimmegimmegimmegimme… )

  2. I was wondering about all the muttering behind closed doors James! Stay alert.

    You think Lavenderbay? The Universe starts off with mutters….(similar to the chickens really). You stay alert, as well.

    The chooks are working on world domination Rhu, it’s only a matter of time before you are one of their ‘Girls’ 😀

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