Wash & wear


My gardens have always been the cottage-y kind of gardens, purely by accident I can assure you, by virtue of the fact that I generally find all of my plants for free – from cuttings and generous friends, or for cheap – from the $5 table at the nursery or the clearance table from the hardware superfield.  Thus we have made some lovely gardens around Canberra that work around the 50 cent tree, that is now a beatiful shady elder.  Or one that has lovely yellow daylillies mass planted at the borders, which I kick myself everyday that I did not divide and bring with me to Fivehills. 

My gardens inevitably end up with the higgledy-piggledy look that I love, despite the fact that I was going for a semi-formal look.  Who am I kidding?  My life is always and has always been somewhat chaotic, and my gardens replicate that.  It could be said, that the garden is a visual of its growers’ brain.  Worrying.  I will tell you this for certain though, it is definitely a parrallel for the growers’ hair.  Don’t laugh, it’s true.

Never having been a girly girl, I have spent my life with either short, short hair that does itself or long hair that does itself looks somewhat wild and bohemian, despite my best intentions.  PAH!  I have no intentions, I can’t blowdry for shit, I am just downright lazy when it comes to hair.  Think Kate Bush, but messier.  “Heathcliffe, it’s me, it’s Cathy! My hair’s grown so bushy and looooong, I can’t see your windooooww, oh Heathcliffe…..” Sorry. 

So, though my hair is a dilemma and I’m getting old (I just proved that); and having gone for various styles brought on by inspiration and the gentle nudging of my sister I can tell you that I am lucky for this weird curly hair, and I am lucky that it suits me short or long and that as long as I have a good hairdresser who gets it, my hair looks good no matter what I do to it.  It doesn’t look styled or coiffed, it doesn’t look fashionable or neat even when it is 10mm long for some reason, but it looks fine.  My garden is like that.  I have a wash and wear garden.  Random seeds go in the bare spots, as do cuttings and freebies, and they all grow together and before I know it, it’s a wild, curly garden hiding basil and tomatoes with surprise cosmos seeding themselves and blooming hot pink where you least expect it.  It’s not neat, but it survives the heat and the lack of water with good grace and a hack back every now and then.  I am doubly blessed.

I ‘accidentally’ got all my hair cut off recently, in a style that I’ve never had before.  I love it, it’s curly and soft and it needs barely a shake and a bobby pin most mornings.  I feel like I look like the self I feel like on the inside for the first time in years.  Coincidentally, I’ve noticed just recently that the trees I first planted when we moved here have become actual trees and that plants are reseeding themselves.  There are naturalised seedlings in the garden that came all by themselves and doing just fine.  The garden is becoming what I always envisioned it to be.  It’s the hair/garden connection, I tell you.  No, really!

What does your garden/hair say about your hair/garden?  Think about it.

6 thoughts on “Wash & wear

  1. I have a dead patio that needs sweeping. Plants take one look at me and say “Nooo! I’m going to die now, before she can cook with me.” What does that say about my hair?

  2. I go for a hair cut only when I have to (about once a year when it gets so long I can’t stand it) and the grass gets mown a little more frequently, but only when it’s so long it can’t be put off any longer. Perhaps your analogy is more true than I realised…

  3. I like my hair short and unnoticeable. A few apartments ago, when we had the ground floor of a Victorian row house and were allowed to garden, I gathered several gardening books and some graph paper and plotted out spaces for three dozen different veggies in a ten-foot-by-twelve-foot lot. Virgo. Must be Virgo.

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