A night off

One night a month I stay over with my friend Pip in town, so that we can misbehave at our bookclub which is held in various homes in her neighborhood.  I sleep-over more now than I probably did when I was a teenager.

But sometimes it’s nice to do something different, and being at Pip’s is really different:

Her house is light and airy and clean while my house has dust bunnies and insect control is based on a series of intricate webs that dangle from our 10 foot high ceilings.

She has two tall, sensible, quiet and amusing daughters, whilst I have three kids who personify chaos, confusion, and confrontation until I’ve had a drink in the evening.

Pip has a lovely quiet black labrador, who sits on his rug!  While I have, well, Milo the crutch sniffing, muddy bearded Wolfhorse and Gemma Jack Russell – she who can’t be trusted around plates under 6 feet.

Pip’s husband torments me mercilessly, but I have Pip there to berate him so I don’t get hoarse in the throat.  I’m a delicate flower, you know. At Pip’s house I am.

I sleep in fresh, clean, white sheets – in my own room – in a Queen sized bed by MYSELF and I get full to the brim with food from my generous host and the odd drink or two. Or….let’s just say two.

Needless to say I love it.

Strangely, I realise when I walk in the door of my own home again 24 hours later, that the noise and the grot and the bad mannered dogs – well, I’m pretty fond of them too.


But I’m not giving up Bookclub for anybody.

3 thoughts on “A night off

  1. Hmm, there might be a pattern here: Arrive at Pip’s. Be handed a glass. Teenage daughters, what teenage daughters?
    And remember, Pip has to wash the sheets in the guest room only once every four weeks! I know that the only way we ever keep our place clean is to invite people over.

  2. I know Lavenderbay, but it”s lovely being the person that it all got cleaned up for 🙂 !

    James, I’ve seen your stuffing strewn house – it reminds me of mine…is it awful that I used some of the stuffing for the stuffed toys I made for Christmas presents…that’s recycling, right?

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